How to add item?

To add item first of all you need to to login in the system by enter your username and password

once your dashboard screen appear go to the Menu and find Inventory

then click on Inventory its sub menu appears in which you have Add item available

Click on Add Item and you will see that screen

adding an item have four phase

Number 1 is Identification

in that screen you have to have fill few things which are

  1. Item Name  you can add name of your item like (Chicken Wings)
  2. Category  form the selection menu you can add categories on your own i  will show you in other tutorial
  3. SKU  it like menu code and you can say item code like (CW12)

then click on Save  so that your one phase of item is complete

Number 2 is Inventory

In that phase you have 3 necessary options which are

  1. Item Type set any item type which fit your item
  2. State you have to set state either this item is on sale or something else
  3. stock management you have to set stock status if its available

and then click on save

Number 3 is Price

set price and tax information and if any promotion on that item exists then add promotion code as well and click on save

Number 4 is Features

if your item have any feature like size weight color etc then added either wise its not required to add item

this way you can add your item in our system

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